Our (SaaS) Solution

AIRIA can be easily implemented into any dynamic, networked environment to analyze and visualize 24/7 facility utilization trends and population distributions.

This includes: schools, cities, transit hubs, malls, museums, retail environments, corporate real estate & military installations.

Driven by self-learning AI, AIRIA is a plug-and-play SaaS solution that starts learning patterns of life and facility utilization trends, without manual data input necessary.

Operational AI Overview

Enterprise SaaS that automates, analyzes and visualizes 24/7 occupancy patterns,
providing real-time facility utilization Data-as-Evidence for operators of public & private sector organizations.

Rapidly Deployable

AIRIA can often be deployed with less than 30 minutes of customer effort.


AIRIA is designed for the everyday operator. The user interface enables easy onboarding and operation.

Interoperable, Cloud-Based

AIRIA is designed for the future, complementing existing data systems, sources and strategies.

AI + Operations

AIRIA processes over 30M rows of data per day from a single deployment.
Our AI & Machine Learning models leverage this high velocity and high volume data to output operational insights
at machine speed.

Birds-Eye-View Heatmap

Real-time, 24/7 Insights

Instead of relying on manually collected information, legacy hardware & disparate data systems, AIRIA passively provides a reliable and insightful system of record.

Population Presence Awareness

With AIRIA, your organization will know where the people you're servicing or protecting are.

Self-Learning AI

AIRIA is deployed as a black box, knowing nothing about the customer environment, but, within weeks, learns the organization's operational pattern of life.

Detect Patterns
Across Facilities

If crowds are forming, or if libraries are barely being used, AIRIA provides trends & charts of the movement.

Contextually Relevant Alerts

Realtime Automation & Analysis

A chart showing significant alerts

Device Classification

AIRIA detects devices, and therefore people, whether or not they are connected to the network.

Operational Evidence

AIRIA provides an auditable data source to inform operations, with intuitive and auditable playback capabilities.

Privacy as a Priority

Bring your facilities to life with an intuitive and interoperable Operational A.I platform,
using your existing data and resources.

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There is no Personally Identifiable Information in AIRIA. Every device is represented as a purple dot.

We believe names, race, gender, age, or any other identifying characteristic shouldn't influence
operational decisions.

A chart showing significant alerts
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Data Strategy

AIRIA processes immense amounts of data but focuses on aggregates, numbers and math.

While many companies see data as gold, we see it as oil: How can organizations use data to conduct daily operations more efficiently?

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Cyber Security

With backgrounds in cyber security, we maintain a stringent internal data privacy and cyber security strategy.

We recognize IT's role in technical enablement and welcome your warranted IT / cyber due diligence questions.

Space Optimization

COVID-19 has reshaped how we utilize our facilities and spaces.
AIRIA illustrates how your space is truly being utilized through digital data, visualizations, and reliable analytics.

24/7, Floor by Floor Analytics

Easily measure facility utilization trends over time.

Executive Occupancy Reporting

Build reports in seconds to share in planning sessions, budget discussions or the boardroom.

AIRIA Integrations and Partners

While our list of supported Wi-Fi compatibilities is regularly updated, AIRIA currently works with:

Maximize the data
you already own

AIRIA is an innovative solution that leverages existing datasources to provide new insights & awareness, regardless of environment, sector and expertise level. Reach out today to learn more.