The story behind AIRIA

The idea for AIRIA originated on a college campus, making it a natural fit for campus settings. However, AIRIA is versatile and benefits any dynamic, networked facility, including schools, cities, transit hubs, malls, museums, retail environments, corporate real estate, and military installations.

While many software companies view data as gold, AIRIA sees it as oil, helping our customers operate their environments more efficiently.

By applying Artificial Intelligence with informative data sources and adopting best cybersecurity practices, AIRIA makes our customers' spaces smart, safe, and sustainable.

People Protected Daily
100+ Million
Square Feet Covered
1+ Billion
Rows of Data Processed
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Our values

AIRIA is committed to a long-term future built on continuous growth and innovation.

In essence, our goal is to offer cutting-edge technology to as many customers as possible.

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Data is Oil, not Gold

While many companies see data as gold, AIRIA sees it as oil. We believe data should be leveraged to make operations more efficient.

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Customer Commitment

AIRIA's value as a product is only as great as our customers' ability to effectively operationalize it. We are always open to feedback and new ideas.

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Privacy as a Priority

Privacy is a top priority for AIRIA, both ethically and strategically. Names, gender, race, age, and other characteristics shouldn't influence operational decisions.

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Keep People Safe

AIRIA focuses on school safety for a reason. We are dedicated to emergency & security innovation.

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Optimize Facilties

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, travel, and work. Society and structures need to adapt, and AIRIA is here to help.

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Information Technology

IT teams juggle many projects while keeping business-critical systems secure. We appreciate your help in enabling AIRIA.

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