24/7 AI-Analytics for
Space Management & Revenue Operations

Corporate Office
Space Management

Since COVID, businesses have been challenged to effectively measure & manage office space utilization, WFH policies & resource management.

With an easy deployment, AIRIA provides 24/7 analytics for all your office locations, enabling data driven decision making.

Retail & Revenue 

Boost retail revenue with our 24/7 footfall and occupancy analytics, without hardware, sensors & cameras

AIRIA delivers real-time data on customer movement and store occupancy trends, helping you optimize layouts, manage staffing, and enhance marketing strategies.

Operational AI for the Enterprise

Unlock the power of data with AIRIA's cutting-edge 24/7 footfall and occupancy analytics, tailored for corporate offices and retail environments.

Our AI-driven solutions provide real-time insights into the flow and density of people within your spaces, enabling you to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost productivity. By continuously monitoring and analyzing foot traffic and occupancy levels, you can make informed decisions to improve layout efficiency, manage resources effectively, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Experience a new level of operational excellence with our advanced analytics, driving your business towards a smarter, more responsive future.

Maximize the data
you already own

AIRIA is an innovative solution that leverages existing datasources to provide new insights & awareness, regardless of environment, sector and expertise level. Reach out today to learn more.