Apply Intelligence to Infrastructure

AIRIA was designed to make dynamic facilities smart, safe, and sustainable.

AIRIA is Operational A.I. that analyzes and visualizes 24/7 occupancy patterns
to provide real-time space utilization data and security insights for safety and facility operators.

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Make Your Space Smart

Bring your facilities to life with an intuitive and interoperable Operational A.I platform,
using your existing data and resources

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AIRIA's self-learning AI
highlights facility occupancy trends and analytics.

Simply set up the data feed, and let the machine do the learning!
Plug and play.

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Data Driven Decision Making

Instead of relying on manual, legacy and disparate data to measure facility usage.

AIRIA passively provides 24/7, auditable Data-as-Evidence, at machine speed.

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Cost Effective

Operationalize your own data, instead of installing hardware systems & paying consultants.

AIRIA provides strong ROI by helping users optimize resources & extract insights from existing IT.

Make Your Space Safe

When your responsibility is to protect & serve,
it’s important to know where the people you’re protecting & serving are.

Real-time Situational Awareness

AIRIA helps safety operators by showing anonymized population distributions, complementing CCTV & access control systems.

Bird's Eye Visibility,

Through a single cloud-deployment, AIRIA provides visibility, across your entire operational environment.

Make Your Space Sustainable

AIRIA can help reduce energy costs & consumption by 10-40% across facilities.

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Stop Wasting Energy

AIRIA informs facility operators which buildings are busy and when to help reduce unnecessary environmental and economic costs.

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Space Optimization

24/7 occupancy insights inform facility utilization trends, maintenance and janitorial schedules, personnel allocations, revenue operations and HVAC distribution.

Maximize the data
you already own

AIRIA is an innovative solution that leverages existing datasources to provide new insights & awareness, regardless of environment, sector and expertise level. Reach out today to learn more.