AIRIA is the world’s first Operational AI software platform, designed to make the built world smart safe & sustainable.

AIRIA is Operational A.I. that automates, analyzes and visualizes 24/7 occupancy patterns to provide real-time space utilization data & security insights for safety & facility operators


Bring your facilities to life with interoperable & intuitive real-time telemetry -- using your existing data & infrastructure

A chart showing significant alerts


When you have the responsibility to protect & serve, it’s important to know where the people you’re

  • AIRIA helps safety operators by showing anonymized population distributions, complementing CCTV & accesscontrol systems
  • AIRIA is already helping to protect over 100k
    people daily


10%−40% of the energy consumption in buildings can be saved with live, 24/7 occupancy information.

Despite this, organizations are still reliant relying on expensive sensors, manually retrieved data, leading to massivewastes in time, money & energy.


Maximize the data you already own

AIRIA is an innovative solution that leverages existing datasources to provide new insights & awareness, regardless of environment, sector and expertise level. Reach out today to learn more.